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Термокабель  - PROLINE TH - Линейный тепловой пожарный извещатель
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Дизайн: Андрей Месник
Наш адрес: 115172 Москва, Гончарная наб., д.9/16 стр.1
Телефоны: (495) 792-38-55, (495) 912-57-65, (495) 912-61-36



The primary operating advantages of Proline “TH” digital linear heat detection over the Protectowire PHSC product range/system are:

• Superior alarm response times – UL and FM tested.
• More accurate alarm temperature tolerances – UL and FM tested.
• Sensor cable manufacturing uses latest Industry materials. Protectowire uses 60 year old technology.
• Proline's Lower Sensor Cable Resistance (184 ohms / km) allows longer zone length connections to resistance sensitive devices. Protectowire sensor cable resistance – 650 ohms /km!
• sensor cable supplied in continuous reel lengths between 100m and 1000m. Longer length requirements involving simple jointing. Protectowire hold 500ft /152m reels as standard stock.
• Proline “Rilsan” ® extrusion option offers higher levels of corrosion resistance than Protectowire EPR.
• For very high mechanical damage risk applications (example - off shore oil rigs) Proline offers a stainless steel braided sensor cable option.
• Proline has developed a range of optional interface units all of which offer colour coded LCD display, alarm point location and volt free fire and fault output contacts.
• Proline offers a pre-alarm facility – adjustable level.
• Maximum Sensor cable zone lengths:- 2,000m and 4,000m.
• Proline personnel experience in linear detection product and application development = 35 years+.
• All products supported by individual dedicated operating and installation manuals.
• Proline linear detection equipment all – UK manufactured, stocked, picked, packed and shipped





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